Dylan Jowell

Class(es): Cello Lessons
Subject(s): Cello Technique, Musicality, Ear Training, Note Reading, Music Theory
State: California, City: Folsom
Background Check Completed: No

Jacquelyn Neal

I am a credentialed teacher and homeschooler of 6 years. My passions are travel and languages. I love to hike, to read, and to road trip with my family.

Class(es): Beginning Latin
Subject(s): Latin, Language Arts
State: CA, City: Roseville
Background Check Completed: No

Haroutun Bursalyan

I’ll do this later

Class(es): Chess Basics for Beginngers
Subject(s): Chess
State: CA, City: North Hollywood
Background Check Completed: No

Missie Shimizu

I have a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and taught first grade for couple of years prior to having my children. During my children’s homeschooling years, I was blessed in 2015 to return to the classroom teaching history classes.

Class(es): World Geography 1, California History
Subject(s): World Geography
State: CA, City: Roseville
Background Check Completed: No

McKeith Cordell

Hi I am McKeith Cordell. I have been teaching High School English for over 16 years. I reside in Atlanta, Georgia and love teaching Grammar, Literature, and Writing.

Class(es): Greek Mythology 101
Subject(s): Greek Mythology
State: Georgia, City: Atlanta
Background Check Completed: No

Arielle Sukhram

Arielle Sukhram recently obtained her Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from James Madison University. She has played for multiple churches, university and community choirs, and presented her own research at two MTNA Collegiate Symposiums. She curren

Class(es): 1 Hour Piano Lessons
Subject(s): Note reading, music theory, piano technique, artistry, ear training
State: VA, City: Strasburg
Background Check Completed: No

Glenn Koenig

I attended public school, but I am essentially self taught. BA from Goddard College. Self employed video producer & computer consultant since 1980. Wrote and Published a book entitled "a man wearing a dress"

Class(es): Tutoring / Mentoring / Coaching, Understanding Blame and Shame and how to work through them
Subject(s): Practical STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math); Writing, editing & publishing; Green household technology & economics. Computer programming, spreadsheet & database fundamentals.
State: MA, City: Maynard
Background Check Completed: No

Donica Lucban

Undergraduate researcher at American River College in Sacramento, CA studying Marine Science and Biochemistry with plans to transfer to UC San Diego next year.

Class(es): AP Testing Strategies, 1 Hour Tutoring
Subject(s): General AP classes, specializing in AP Biology, Chemistry, English Language and Literature, and European/US History.
State: CA, City: Campbell
Background Check Completed: No

Hope Hester

Miss Hope has a Bachelor's degree in dance from CSU Sacramento, and trained at The Ailey School in NYC, studying ballet and modern dance. She loves helping students discover the joy of movement!

Class(es): Creative Movement for Little Dancers, Introduction to Ballet
Subject(s): Ballet, Dance, Drama
State: CA, City: Orangevale
Background Check Completed: No

Robyn Parets

Hello everyone! My name is Robyn Parets and I'm the founder and director of Pretzel Kids, an international yoga, fitness and mindfulness program that is taught in schools, camps, gyms, enrichment centers, & studios. Learn more:

Class(es): Semi-Private/Private Mindfulness and Meditation for Teens/Tweens
Subject(s): Mindfulness, meditation, stress relief
State: Ma, City: Boston
Background Check Completed: No

Rebekah Ybarra

Rebekah is an artist, homeschooling mama to 4, and a nature, music and animal lover. She has 15+ years of teaching experience and holds a degree in Art Studio. She loves to guide childrens' creative development while encouraging their artistic freedom!

Class(es): Draw a Monster like Shel Silverstein!, Easter Egg Design, Make ART from Recycled Materials!
Subject(s): Art, Language Arts: Poetry, Writing (optional)
State: CA, City: Fair Oaks
Background Check Completed: No

Jolana Villarreal

I've been a homeschooled student my whole life. I have been dancing ballet for 12 years and have been taught by top instructors and performed in many ballet performances. With this class, I will teach students the basic steps used in ballet.

Class(es): Beginner Ballet Class- Ages 17+, Beginner Ballet Class- Ages 15-16, Beginner Ballet Class- Ages 13-14, Beginner Ballet Class- Ages 8-10, Beginner Ballet Class- Ages 5-7, Beginner Ballet Class- Ages 11-12
Subject(s): Ballet class
State: California, City: Bakersfield
Background Check Completed: No

Marian Birgenheier

I am a self taught musician. I started my musical journey at age 5. I have been performing live and studio work for 30 years. I have been on the Today Show, Boston Chronicle and played at SXSW. My husband and I own a successful music school in Canton, MA.

Class(es): Music Enrichment -
Subject(s): Bass Guitar, Guitar, Vocals, Piano Ukulele, Music Theory, Composition, Musical Theater Prep *Class schedules are listed under "description"
State: MA, City: Canton
Background Check Completed: No

Cortney Smith

Hello my name is Cortney I am 25 and live in Utah. I have experience educating others in many subjects. I have a passion to help others and hopefully learn something too.

Class(es): Fashion History, Reading is fun!
Subject(s): Fashion and its history
State: Utah, City: Salt lake city
Background Check Completed: No

Shannon Carpenter

I am a homeschooling mom to 7 beautiful children and I am a Mimi to 3 amazing grandchildren. I have homeschooled over 20 years while also working as a Teacher & Director for charter schools in CA. I am passionate about helping support homeschool families.

Class(es): Bundle of 6 Homeschooling Courses , Homeschooling Book Themed Bundle , Heart of Homeschooling Part 1 & 2 Bundle, Developing the Leader Within You, Rethinking School, Teaching from Rest, The Brave Learner, Heart of Homeschooling Part 2, Heart of Homeschooling Part 1, FREE Crash Course - 3 Easy Steps to Homeschooling Success, 7 Things Every Homeschooling Family Needs to Know
Subject(s): Homeschooling - If you love to learn and need both foundational teaching in homeschooling topics and love to read highly recommended homeschooling books, this bundle is for you! Please read individual course descriptions under each individual course. Huge savings off regular prices.
State: CA, City: Cool
Background Check Completed: No